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Grading and Excavation

Whether your building a new structure on your property or just want a fresh start, investing in high quality grading is going to be an important step.

Dirt Works Site Solutions will evaluate the amount of work required to level your land and prepare it for your project. With our knowledge and experience in grading we can ensure that no matter how big or small the job is we will get it just right for a successful project.


Dirt Works Site Solutions has the right equipment for your demolition project. We have the knowledge to carefully remove material from the site and dispose of it in the safest manner, making the site appear as the structure was never there.

Land Clearing and Site Prep

For landscaping and other major outdoor construction projects, it’s common for a great amount of land clearing to be done before any grading or installation can take place. Dirt Works has the equipment to provide thorough land clearing and site prep to get your project started.


Whether it’s gravel, dirt, sand, or mulch we are able to deliver it to you and competitive prices!

Drainage and Erosion

Installing the correct drainage and water control solutions is imperative when protecting your land. Dirt Works is able to install rip rap rock, retaining walls, appropriate grading and pipe work installation to ensure and sustain the proper drainage on your property. We provide up to date stabilization measures that ensure to reduce erosion in our creeks and streams.

Driveways and Parking areas

Dirt Works Site Solutions offers the highest grade dirt and stone when installing driveways and parking areas for our customers. Our attention to detail and quality work will not go unnoticed. We strive to provide high quality work at minimum expense!

Pond Construction

From clearing the land to digging the pond, Dirt Works will do it all. For all new pond construction, we are here to help.


Whether you need a landscape for your newly built home or just need to spruce up your home, we are here to help! With years of experience in landscaping and attention to fine detail, Dirt Works will get the plants and materials to ensure your home looks beautiful!